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Antique 19th Century Rose Medallion 15" Footed Scalloped Oblong Serving Platter



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    • This Rose Medallion serving platter has recently been appraised by Peter L. Combs of Gloucester, MA. Peter is a world renowned appraiser and dealer of Asian Antiques and Fine Art. He is owner of plcombs Asian Art and founder of Bidamount, which is a member of the eBay partner network. The appraised value of this platter is between $400-$450.  

      This platter is 15 inches long and nearly 12 inches wide.  It measures just over 3 inches in depth from the foot base to the rim.  It weighs 4 lb. 15.5 oz and it is in excellent condition. No chips, or hairlines.

      Rose Medallion china is a 19th and 20th Century Chinese Export Porcelain. Rose Medallion is hand-painted and has several unique identifying characteristics. It is a distinctive design with four or more panels of decoration around a central medallion that includes a bird or a peony. The panels show birds and people. The background is a design of tree peonies and leaves. The dominant colors are usually pastel pinks and greens and can also include red, blue, orange, yellow and gold. Typical pieces include vases, bowls, plates and other dining and food service items such as teapots, platters and tureens. 

      How to Date Chinese Porcelain

      Dating Rose Medallion is fairly straight forward.  If there is no mark on the underside, the piece dates from 1850-1890. If marked "China" it is 1890-1915. "Made in China" dates the piece after 1915. If it says, "Made in Hong Kong" or has a mark with Chinese characters, these Rose Medallion pieces are not considered antique because they are too modern.

      As always, please inspect all photos carefully before purchasing.  We do not accept returns of antique or vintage items.  We go to great lengths to provide high resolution images of all aspects of the antique and vintage items that we sell.  Again, please inspect all photos carefully and feel free to request other images in the event we did not capture some aspect of an item you are interested in purchasing.

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