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David Francis Furniture

For more than 35 years, David Francis Furniture has been attracting praise for their exclusive designer furniture collections that make a statement in any room.


We draft, test and re-sketch until each piece of our sustainable design is perfectly unique. We are focused on design, quality and customization by master finishers and upholsterers.

Baja Chair | Room Tonic
Baja Chair
Chinese Chippendale Dining Armchair | Room Tonic
Chinese Chippendale Dining Armchair
From $1,680.00 - $1,780.00
Chinese Chippendale Bed | Room Tonic
Chinese Chippendale Bed
From $3,250.00 - $4,222.22
Maple Bed Frame | Room Tonic
Maple Bed Frame
From $2,150.00 - $2,650.00
Honeycomb Headboard | Room Tonic
Honeycomb Headboard
From $990.00 - $1,462.00